Practical Tax Courses

by Practitioners for Practitioners
TEO Training is a specialist face to face training provider.  We travel to more areas across New Zealand and provide practical case study based training.  You will walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of the complexities of topical tax based issues and updates, as well as how to deal with them going forward.  You will also receive a copy of the course material for future reference. 


Managing Family Trusts 
Practical Legal, Accounting and Tax Issues for Practitioners
Key learnings and material will include:-
• How to assess the "need” for a Trust structure and the risks/downsides that accompany such
• Clear understanding of the workings of Trusts, including key focus areas when establishing them
• Understanding what is different for Trusts compared to other structures/entities from a tax perspective
• Plus what is peculiar to Trusts from an accounting perspective, including dealing with "deemed income” and differences between accounting/tax income
• As a potential Trustee, we will cover what you need to know, need to do or need to manage before and after your appointment?
• We will discuss where are Trusts vulnerable, and what lessons can we learn from others’ misfortune?
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 Charities and Non Profit Entities
Key changes and common tax issues and pitfalls facing charities and non-profit bodies. 
Charities – income tax
Non-profit bodies – income tax
Charities and non-profit bodies – GST
Financial reporting requirements and governance
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Residency and Immigration Webinar Series
After a successful and well received roadshow we are now offering this event as a webinar series. 
Migrants to New Zealand and their advisors face a myriad of tax issues and in many instances are not well understood.  Come to this webinar to get a better understanding of some of the issues.
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Tax Compliance Webinar Series 
Learn practical information and tools covering:
  • Key tax concepts of income and expenditure
  • Review of the tax depreciation regime
  • Review of the provisional tax rules
  • Review of the FBT regime
  • Fundamentals of GST
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Live Session Recordings

These sessions are recordings of live sessions by our presenters, they include the course material you would have received if you attended the live session.  They tend to be used for presentations where there is more whiteboard work, so may not suit the webinar recording style. 

Company Distributions - AVAILABLE NOW!
Taxation of Land and Buildings AVAILABLE NOW!
Primary Sector Tax Issues - AVAILABLE NOW!

Legal Round Up - AVAILABLE SOON!

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Need to up your CPD hours before the end of the professional development year? TEO's On-Demand Distance Learning is your answer. You simply download the files we email to you and watch it whenever suits, as many times as you need. Then return the multiple choice question sheet to verify your attendance at the webinar.  >> Learn more