A webinar is an online presentation you attend via your computer.

How do TEO webinars work?
1. You'll register with TEO, and we'll send you some preliminary information (all of which is also available on this page - our webinar guide, system requirements etc). Please get your registration in no later than 48 hours prior to the webinar so we have time to process it. If the webinar you're signing up for directs you to register with CCH Business Fitness, the enrolment process is slightly different - check out the link to their FAQ page for more details.

2. About a week prior, we will send you an email confirming your registration. In this email will be a) a link to enrol your details into the webinar system and b) a copy of the course material. Please note that for our 1.5 hour long webinars, a copy of the course slides is all you receive. If you've signed up for a joint TEO/CCH Business Fitness webinar, you won't receive course notes until the day before the webinar.  Comprehensive course notes are not produced for these small, topic one-off webinars. If there's a suitable course paper from a previous course, then we may include that - this will be advised in the promotional materials.

3. Click the link in the email to enroll your details. Once enrolled, you'll be sent a copy of the webinar access link. If you enroll early enough, you'll also receive automated reminder emails with the webinar access link (handy if you lose your first one!)

4. About 15 mins before the webinar is to begin, click the "Join Webinar" link in your webinar access email.  The webinar will load (this is covered in more detail in our webinar guide). If there are any issues with loading the webinar, joining early means you've got time up your sleeve to sort them out.

5. There might not be much happening straight away - the presenters won't start sharing their presentation until the scheduled start time. While you are waiting, you can arrange your audio connection - either via computer speakers/VoIP (a headset is recommended) or via a toll number.

6. At the scheduled start time, you'll hear the presenters and see
their PowerPoint slides. During the webinar, you can type in your questions and the presenters will answer them (where possible), this will usually be done at the end of the webinar.  Any questions asked during the webinar and not answered will be responded to. You may also be asked to participate in polls, to check your understanding of the topic.

7. If you've still got some questions, give TEO a call on 03 467 7000.

Download our Webinar Guide here

How do joint webinars run by TEO/CCH Business Fitness work?
Many of our 2014 webinars are being run in conjunction with CCH Business Fitness. More information on this relationship and a list of upcoming webinars is available here. CCH Business Fitness administer enrolments and run the technical side of things, while TEO supply the presenters, so all registrations and technical enquiries need to go through to CCH Business Fitness. They've got a comprehensive FAQ guide on their website, click here.

I want to attend but I can't make the session
All TEO webinars are recorded and available to purchase as a recording. If you missed a Live webinar, you can purchase the recorded, On-Demand webinar to watch in your own time.  >> Check out the Distance Learning page for more information about On-Demand webinars

What do I need to view a webinar?

For a full list of minimum system requirements, click here.

Check your computer can run one of our webinars - click the link below.