ACC Webinar Series 2016

Back by popular demand Miranda Clark will take you through an update on ACC. 

What is  covered?

Part 1: What is ACC and why we have comprehensive ‘no fault’ injury cover like this NZ.
  •  Why do we have ACC in New Zealand?
  •  How is ACC funded?
  • What does ACC cover?

Part 2: ACC Claims and Entitlements – an overview

  • The ACC claims process
  • ACC entitlements: Medical treatment, Social rehabilitation, Aids/Appliances, Vocational rehabilitation, Weekly compensation, Travel to treatment, Lump sum/independence allowance, Accidental death

Part 3: ACC Levy basics
  • What is invoiced and when?
  • Levy products: CoverPlus/Workplace Cover vs CoverPlus Extra
  • Experience Rating
  • Health & Safety Discount programmes

Part 4: ACC Hints and Tips
  • Acting on behalf
  • Initial client review
  • Classification Units
  • CoverPlus Extra (CPX)
  •  ACC discounts
  •  Infrequent ACC topics/issues
  • Where to go for advice/assistance

Who is the webinar series aimed at?

The first 3 webinars are for any firms/staff who are interested in learning more about ACC to better assist their clients and enable them to answer questions that their clients will inevitably ask them when they have or an employee has an accident, or if an ACC invoice or correspondence arrives in the mail. 

All 4 are also aimed at any firms/staff who are thinking of or already running/managing an in-house ACC service.


Miranda Clark, ACC made easy

Miranda Clark worked for ACC for 10 years and has extensive knowledge and understanding of ACC claims, levies, legislation, systems and processes.  After leaving ACC she is now operating  'ACC made easy' and has been asked to speak at several conferences and seminars for Accountants, Lawyers, Financial advisors and many more.  When it comes to the 'unknown world' of ACC Miranda has a passion to ensure people understand ACC better and the potential money saving.  

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