Doing Business in Australia: A Tax Update webinar

A high level summary of Australian tax matters that New Zealand businesses trading in Australia need to understand.

Suited to:

  • Every accountant for a business who is trading in Australia
  • All business advisors whose clients are trading with Australia
  • Anyone who wants to know what's happening with tax in Australia

Topics include:

Changes to Australian company tax rates

  • What are the changes?
  • Implications on tax structures

NZ Look Through Companies - branch operations in Australia

  • Non-resident surcharges/obligations in Australia
  • Non-resident sellers of property in Australia – FRCGW – applies from 1/7/16 with changes from 1/7/17
  • Non-resident duty and land tax additional charges

Employee issues

  • Proposed changes to the SG rules, including penalties, education orders and criminal offences
  • Introduction of Single Touch Payroll reporting as from 1/7/18 or 1/7/19 for small employers.
  • FBT treatment of exempt use of motor vehicles, an ATO focus area.
  • Working holiday makers – new rules, but don’t apply to New Zealanders

GST Changes

  • Overseas transactions of <$1000 from 1/7/18
  • Supplies of intangibles into Australia
  • Purchases of new property from 1/7/18.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) areas of focus

  • What attracts their attention
  • Streamlined Assurance Reviews – large multinational and public companies
  • ATO guidance – what’s new eg. Law Companion Guides, Practical Compliance Guides

Other relevant changes/updates

  • Practical issues in obtaining an ABN where non-resident persons/entities are involved.
  • Not-for-profit/DGR reforms to start getting ready for, including the proposed reform of the overseas donations rules.
  • Review of the various activity thresholds for when a NZ business needs to register in Australia and what to register for.
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Doing Business in Australia: A Tax Update webinar
Thursday 8 March
2:00 - 3:15pm NZ time
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