Practical Tax Courses

by Practitioners for Practitioners
TEO Training is a specialist face to face training provider.  We travel to more areas across New Zealand and provide practical case study based training.  You will walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of the complexities of topical tax based issues and updates.

Unusual GST Scenarios
This case study based seminar will work through GST issues that
arise in everyday practice, starting with the key aspects of GST
and then working through some of the more unusual issues that we
 often face as practitioners.

Recent Feedback

'A great course that brought together the different components of
GST and demonstrated the interaction between these. I left with an
understanding of how to identify, approach and work through some
more out of the ordinary/complicated GST scenarios, would highly
recommend.' Tim, Dunedin

In summary, the information/topics we will discuss are as follows:

    Key aspects of GST
    Taxable activity
    Change of use
    Mixed use assets
    Pre-GST assets
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Tax FAQs 2015

Tax FAQs 2015 will consider the answers to some of the most frequently
asked questions received by the CCH/TEO Question and Answer Service
during 2015.

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Keep your eyes out for our next webinar series.


Tax on Foreign Investments Webinars....

Part 1
This webinar will work through a set of sample advisor reports
applying the tax rules for these types of investments with a
primary focus on the foreign investment rules

Part 2
This webinar will work through the foreign investment tax rules
in the context of unlisted investments and privately held entities

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Debt & Equity Tax Issues Webinar Series Recording

This 2 part webinar series will provide a refresher on the treatment of debt and equity for New Zealand tax purposes and provide useful analysis in relation to many common issues that arise in practice in relation to both debt and equity.

Live Session Recordings

These sessions are recordings of live sessions by our presenters, they include the course material you would have received if you attended the live session.  They tend to be used for presentations where there is more whiteboard work, so may not suit the webinar recording style. 


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