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 TEO Training is a specialist face to face training provider.  We travel to more areas across New Zealand and provide practical case study based training.  You will walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of the complexities of topical tax based issues and updates.




Complex Rural Tax Issues Made Easy

his seminar will guide participants through common and complex rural tax issues across a wide range of topics.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the tax issues that arise for clients operating in the rural sector are as varied and complex as any other type of business, if not more so due to the overlay of specific tax rules.




Tax Issues for Companies

Make the right move when dealing with company tax issues

A company has some unique features that distinguish it from the other structures. In this course we will look at some of the income tax rules that apply specifically to companies.

We will also cover the Better Business Tax Consultative Document, including changes to:
•       Provisional tax                    •       Late payment penalties
•       FBT for close companies    •       self-correction of minor errors
•       IRD communicating information to the Companies Office
•       deductions for dual use vehicles and premises
•       Increasing the threshold for annual FBT returns from $500,000 to $1 million
•       Modifying the 63 day rule on employee remuneration

Third party complaint and litigation numbers are increasing against professionals

What defines us is how well we rise after falling. Reports suggest that not only are client complaints increasing in number but claims from third parties (other parties to transactions, beneficiaries, other trustees etc) increased by 5% last year. This tells us that we need to change the way we do business, whether we are employees or business owners.

Learn to manage expectations, and put in place some sound practices and procedures.


The Full Story

As well the introduction of the bright-line rule the course will highlight other recent legislative, case law and Inland Revenue statements that affect the taxation of land disposals including:
  • Legislative definition of when land is acquired
  • Case law that widens what being in a business of erecting buildings entails
  • Inland Revenue’s position on residual land retained following a subdivision
  • Inland Revenue’s position on what amounts to "significant expenditure” and the resulting change on its position on what work of a minor nature entails



This practical three part webinar will cover a range of practical income tax and GST issues facing New Zealand companies where the shareholder/s own and run the business (not including LTCs). It utilises case studies along with a clear analysis of the tax and GST law to illustrate the issues.   It includes a course book and is based on the popular face to face course run at the end of 2015.

TAX UPDATE 2016 Highlights Webinar .....
             Navigate the road ahead

This practical course takes you through some of the latest changes in tax legislation. Find out the changes that have occurred and been proposed during the 2015 calendar year relevant to SMEs and accountancy practices.



TEO are pleased to have James Coleman, counsel on the 'Diamond' case presenting this course.

The infamous 'Diamond' case has been decided by the court of appeal in favour of the taxpayer.

How does the 'Diamond' case impact the tax residence status of your clients?  What are the flow on effects?  How will the IRD respond?



What's covered?
Part 1: What is ACC and why we have comprehensive ‘no fault’ injury cover like this NZ.
Part 2: ACC Claims and Entitlements – an overview
Part 3: ACC Levy basics
Part 4: ACC Hints and Tips

Live Session Recordings

These sessions are recordings of live sessions by our presenters, they include the course material you would have received if you attended the live session.  They tend to be used for presentations where there is more whiteboard work, so may not suit the webinar recording style. 

Price drop on pre-2015 recordings - $200 per session (excluding Managing Family Trusts $325)

2015 Titles $295

Death and Taxes
Taxing Structures - Practical Issues
Your Rural Tax Issues.....Explained


The 2016 FIF Classification List (a basic and deluxe version) is coming soon.  >> Learn more

On-Demand Distance Learning

 Price drop on pre-2015 webinars - click here for more details

Need to up your CPD hours before the end of the professional development year? TEO's On-Demand Distance Learning is your answer. You simply download the files we email to you or order a recording (sent by USB, includes the course material) and watch it whenever suits. Return the multiple choice question sheet to verify your attendance at the webinar >> Learn more

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