School of Tax

Great value tax training is now at your finger tips. Our 1 hour On-Demand ‘School of Tax’ webinars are designed for lower level accounting staff.

Session Topics
Date refers to when the webinar was filmed
  1. Introduction - tax theory and policy, legislation and regulatory environment  17 February 2011
  2. Source of income and Residency: Who gets taxed, on what, from where  3 March 2011
  3. What is income? Regular receipts, income under tax legislation or ordinary concepts, exclusion for capital receipts  17 March 2011
  4. What is deductible? General permissions, limitations, capital vs revenue  31 March 2011
  5. Sole traders, individuals and partnerships and companies: tax rates, PAYE, contractors, losses, returns, tax rates, imputation credit, dividends  14 April 2011
  6. Shareholder continuity - losses and imputation credits: continuity rules, commonality rules  28 April 2011
  7. Fringe Benefits part 1: What is it? rates, benefits, value vs cost, complete return  12 May 2011
  8. Fringe Benefits part 2: Motor vehicles, work related vehicles, low interest loans  26 May 2011
  9. Provisional Tax and RWT: What is it, dates, how it works, applications for interest & dividends  9 June 2011
  10. GST Part 1: What is GST? How is it calculated, how is it returned?  23 June 2011
  11. GST Part 2: Who registers for GST? What is taxable? How are going concerns treated?  14 July 2011
  12. Depreciation: what is depreciation? what does it apply to? how is it calculated? how is it recorded in accounts?  28 July 2011
  13. Trading Stock: What is trading stock? How is it valued? How it is treated  11 August 2011
  14. Land Sales: Specific taxation rules explored  25 August 2011
  15. Financial Arrangements: What is a financial arrangement? How do the rules work? Spreading methods, base price adjustments, cash basis persons  8 September 2011
  16. Trusts: Taxation treatment/status of Trusts, tax rate, beneficiary distributions  22 September 2011
  17. LTCs: What are LTCs? What are the key components of the regime  13 October 2011
  18. Shareholder salaries and dividends: Excessive remuneration, attribution of income, effect of tax avoidance, bonus salaries, tax on dividends  27 October 2011
  19. FIFs: What is a FIF? Attributing interest in a FIF, De minimis thresholds, inherited FIFs & how they are treated  10 November 2011
  20. Avoidance: What is tax avoidance? Consequences, recent court cases, the line between tax avoidance and tax planning  24 November 2011

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