Tax Special Interest Group Webinars

View the Tax SIG webinar series On Demand. Each webinar is 1.5 hours and covers relevant and topical tax issues

Session 1: Avoidance
The line between tax avoidance and tax planning.
  • Common situations
  • Risk areas
  • Cases in review - the lessons learned

Session 2: Shareholder Salaries & Dividends
Bonus salaries, effects of tax avoidance, dividend issues, tax on dividends, LTCs and salaries/dividends, excessive remuneration, attributed income

Session 3: Land Sales
When the sale of land is taxed, deductions, and associated persons rules

Session 4: Shareholder continuity
Managing the use of losses and imputation credits can be difficult when there is a change in shareholding. In order to maintain losses carried forward the company must maintain at least 49% shareholder continuity and for access to imputation credits the shareholder continuity requirement is 66%.   This session will look at those shareholder continuity rules and discuss how to manage changes in shareholding so as not to loose access to losses or imputation credit. Where you have two or more companies in a group, to make losses available between companies it is necessary to not only meet the shareholder continuity requirement but also commonality of shareholding between the companies. The options then become whether to subvent or use a loss offset.  This session will cover the commonality rules and the differences between subvention and loss offset. Finally we will have a look at Qualifying Companies and the continuity issue that can arise, even though on the face of it Qualifying Companies do not need to worry about continuity.

We are seeing more and more often that shares are being transferred to Trusts to allow wealth to build up in Trust for future generations.  Something as simple as that can have consequences for losses carried forward and imputation credits. If you have a client making losses, or that maintains an imputation credit account, you should attend this session, if for no other reason but to confirm that your companies have maintained the necessary requirements.

Session 5: Amalgamations/Liquidations/Strike offs
This webinar will work through the differences between short and long form amalgamations, the details of the tax relief provisions available, and scenarios  where amalgamation may achieve tax efficient and commercial outcomes not available through other options. We will touch on consolidated groups.

Finally, we will cover liquidations and strikeoffs, including the options, managing the taxation treatment of distributions and the differences between the standard companies, qualifying companies and look-through companies when liquidating.

This webinar will be case study or scenario based to demonstrate the benefits of the options and the things to watch out for.

Session 6: Rural Tax Issues
This webinar covers various topics of interest to rural practitioners, including:

  • Livestock valuation changes - the impact of new rules, tax planning options available, and further changes to come
  • Depreciation of farm buildings
  • Stock feed/consumables
  • PSA/Viroa - tax consequences