Troubleshooting On-Demand Webinars

On occasion, On-Demand attendees encounter issues when viewing On-Demand webinars.  This page lists various solutions that may assist.  This webpage will be updated as any other problems/solutions are encountered.

There are two types of recordings currently for sale.  Most 2011 and 2012 recordings are ARF files. From October 2012 on, the recordings are WMV files.

ARF files

From 1 January 2013, you are not able to "stream" TEO's On-Demand webinars via the web. If you purchased recordings prior to September 2012 and require access to the recordings, please contact TEO for a copy of the files.

For purchasers from September 2012, a link to a file is supplied.  Before watching the webinar, you will need to download and install the ARF software. The software is available from
here, click this link.

Once you have downloaded and installed the ARF software, click on the link supplied to download and save the webinar file to your computer's hard drive. This will take some time to download.  Once downloaded, you can watch the webinar by double clicking the webinar file to play.

For subsequent webinars, you will not have to download the software.

WMV files

To watch these files, you will need to have the latest Windows Media Player or similar installed on your computer. The software is available from here, click this link.

"Missing Codec" error

Some viewers encounter this error when attempting to view the webinar. The missing codec can be downloaded from

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