LTC Calculator & Notes

TEO's comprehensive LTC Calculator is a specially designed Excel spreadsheet which details the various individual components of the basis calculation. It includes roll forward amounts where possible and/or appropriate, and calculates the details on a shareholder by shareholder basis. Experience has shown us that in many cases each shareholder's basis within an LTC differs.

Unlike other calculators on the market, this calculator breaks down the various components that make up any one of the items in the basis calculation. This will help ensure accuracy going forward. The calculator also provides details of the current position and guidance as to the changes that are to come (for example, the amount able to be claimed under a guarantee). The calculator provides you with a work sheet for various components so that you have a permanent record of the figures included in the basis calculation and how they were made up.

The notes to the financial statements cover the relevant tax policies and notes applicable for an LTC.

The LTC course material helps with the possibilities and pitfalls with properly structuring affairs for you and your clients. The booklet details both the current provisions and the changes to come into effect in 2012. >> Click here to download a copy of the contents page

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