Terms & Conditions

TEO Training Limited offers short punchy courses to business professionals nationwide in New Zealand. All materials and papers that are provided as part of our courses, are provided in the context of training and the provision of information. Neither our courses, nor the papers and material that form part of it, purport to be, nor should they be construed to be, specific professional advice in respect of any topic contained in the course material. Independent professional advice should be obtained before relying on any aspect of our courses.

Once you are registered for a seminar or webinar, you will be sent a confirmation letter by email (or post if no email is recorded). If a confirmation letter is not received, please call TEO Training on 0800 273 746.

Payment for all seminars and webinars is required within 7 days from invoice date of issue. TEO Training welcomes substitutions at no additional fee. Transferring between venues within 2 days of a seminar will incur a $20.00 course change fee.

All cancellations must be in writing, preferably via email to info@teo.co.nz or free fax 0800 273 329. Written notification at least 2 full working days prior to the registered seminar or webinar date is required to receive a full refund. There is no refund if you have already requested and received any course material in advance of your registered course date. Please contact TEO Training on freephone 0800 273 746 for any queries.