Transacting with Associates Webinar Series

Take a Look at this 2 Part Webinar Series Covering the Practical Implications of the Associated Person Rules

Have you ever advised on a transaction between family members, companies with common ownership, or parties with common economic or social interests?

Did the seller account for GST in the right period and on the right amount?

Was the purchaser entitled to claim GST, and if so, did they claim in the right period and the right amount?

Were the proceeds of selling land taxable due to "tainting” by an associate’s land related business?

Did the seller use the correct value to determine depreciation recovery and other income arising from the sale?

Is the purchaser claiming depreciation at the correct rate and on the correct "cost”?

Have the tax implications arising from the rent-free period or interest-free loan provided to the associate been considered?  

The tax rules that apply to transactions between persons with common economic interests or family ties can differ from those that apply to transactions between arms’ length parties. When the parties to a transaction have shared economic interests or family ties, they can have an incentive to manipulate the transaction to achieve favourable tax consequences for one or both parties. Tax legislation relies on the concept of associated persons to ensure taxpayers with common economic interests or family ties cannot use that connection to obtain a tax advantage.  Even when the parties have no intention to manipulate the transaction for tax advantages, these rules may still apply.  

This 2 part webinar series will consider common scenarios involving transactions between associated persons and how tax legislation, first establishes whether two persons are associated and secondly, seeks to limit their ability to manipulate the transaction to achieve a favourable tax outcome.
Who Should Attend?
This webinar series is ideally suited for the Accountant or Lawyer wanting to understand the practical implications of the associated person rules and how they affect transactions between persons with common ownership or family connections

Dates and Times

Part 1,  27th October 10.00 - 11.30am

Part 2, 3rd November, 10.00 - 11.30am


Stephen Richards, Technical Director,  Crowe Horwath

Stephen is Technical Director in the Tax Advisory team at Crowe Horwath and a popular presenter.  He also oversees the CCH/TEO Tax Question and Answer service, which provides timely and practical advice to practitioners throughout New Zealand.  Stephen has a broad knowledge of the New Zealand tax system and advises a wide range of clients on all aspects of New Zealand tax law.  Stephen has been a popular presenter for TEO Training for many years.


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